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January 27, 2009


Jontarius Jones

dont do lil wayne because no matter what he does he is still richer than you because you are a hater and you probably cant rap or rock at all anywys

From: a different person

Fuck you you aint nothin but a broke ass person thinkin that you can roast. yo broke ass better go sit dat shit down somewhere. and thats how i feel on that you dumb bitch how bout that bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha

broken cool

hahaha...thanks for the love!

Brilliance Proper

This is the best and most comprehensive study/argument against Weezy F. Crazy (classic.) I can't add anything more to this. Good job.

broken cool

Thanks for the comments...much appreciated...more to come!

Ignite Mindz

those bitches in the crowd are hilarious. yall know this shit gonna be on the radio all day on that wack station they probably play at your job. thanks wayne.


Your #1 reason kills this whole blog...moderately skilled rapper who has been decent for a few years? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Go back to listening to ur rock bullshit you stupid cracker

broken cool

Thanks Superman...I love all your movies


His taste in rock is kevin rudolph? WTF... That is just a featured CM artist. Wayne does 1000's of features, will you say that about every one of them? What about RnB artists he's featured with. Logic escapes you my child.


Hey no problem douchebag. I loved your mom..


"rock" fans A.K.A white people are just scared wayne might come into their genre and start running shit. This blog is a product of fear. Its ok, we understand.

I see you're trying to be funny with these "reasons" but you must be intelligent to know that none of these reasons have a fuck to detere wayne from being what he wants to or are a requirement for any type of musician. Entertain the internet trolls, but you and I both know...if wayne wants to rock he WILL and thats that.

broken cool


I aint mad at cha...that was funny.


"This blog is a product of fear" HAHAHA...it aint that serious homey


I will say that "Tie My Hands" with Robin Thicke was incredible


WOW. Who knew you had such fierce haters? We can change your nickname from Cyclops to Cracker if you like!lol You and I both know that as a rapper Lil Wayne is more than mediocre(stop trying to stir up shit) but seriously at Rock he is going to be an epic fail....and from the looks of that interview he's going to need a big bag of blow just to wake up a little bit!

broken cool

hahaha...cracker is fine if you think it works...I clearly have no say in the situation


Y'all need to chill. The blog is meant to make you laugh. Whether what was said is true or not, bottom line is, that "Prom Queen" is a HORRIBLE song. That is not just an opinion. That's a fact. Do not deny this. I'm not hating. I dig Lil Wayne, but "Prom Queen makes my ears wanna vomit.


Great post. Props given.





lmao i love your blog

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