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May 07, 2009




SO ON POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dom Corleone

#12 The Smoking Section

It's a joke that TSS is this low. Top 5 easy.


It's blasphemy that TRU, Dallas Penn, and Notes didn't crack the Top 20..

Hate all you want, this list is more butt-cheeks than Cam's "Cookies & Applejuice" video

Maurice Garland

thanks for the kinds words. and I agree. TSS is Top 5 DOA.

Likkle Miss

If Vlad TV can be on here, how the hell duid It's the Real not make the list?! smh!
FYI, I think Broken cool shoulda been on it too


comments were beyond serious! haha much respect to you.


streetscrack.com should be up on there somwhere :)


i always thought the same thing about nahright and 2dopeboyz, i feel like there the same damn blog. my fave would have to be yn and b.dot's home rapradar.

Panama Jackson

Yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with you on every.damn.thing. you said. Maurice Garland should have beey WAY higher. TSS...GTFOH. It's definitely top 5.

Good.damn.job. You just got a new permanent reader, hombre.


no thisis50?

and as much as i like rapradar,its a new site,how the fuck did it get on there when this list would have been made at least a couple of months ago.

a couple of notable exceptions,thisis50 be the most noticable.


You could've summed this torturously long post into one sentence "I am sobbing hysterically right now because my generic NahRight-lite blog" didn't make the cut.

Maybe if your comments were substantive and/or funny you'd be able to dodge the charge of being a hater. Since they aren't, you can't. Hatin' ass rap blog. aggregator automaton.


*peeks in post*

i agree with this.
especially #'s...............

One up

Hey Mark, this Broken cool dude has been on point and here longer than than the the big words you tried to use.


Kevinnottingham.com should be up here thats the best blog I've seen


Down South Music wise it would be www.DownSouthHits.com off top at #1. I go there and get the latest hits not just that bs.

Down South Music

I would definitely have to say DownSouthHits.com should be on the next one.

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