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June 09, 2009



dude, the pants on SKOOL BOY are on backwards. this aint criss cross and you aint tony the tiger

Caress Lepore

Skool boy has a box. His pants are on backwards and he's still wearing NASCAR jackets. I seriously can't. Oh but did you see Noreaga's Newport box chain.


This shit is hilarious... the comments about each one had me crackin' up too.. good shit


remember slavery! Bring your mind back home....take that jewelry money and help sustain countries! How could you wear that shit when you can help feed a whole city instead?

Riff Jones

LOL, Rappers are such idiots. IMagine having the IQ of a cinder block but having barrels of cash to burn. Scary!



Gotta love T-Pain's chain though... He is not afraid to mock himself. See "I'm on a boat" :D :D

Chris Ward

Hell, I'm glad someone decided to point this out. We (black people) say we want more and them some of us go out and do this ignorant mess! Thanks for the article. It was great.


You know you have money to burn when....


$410,000. really? I hope he's lyin cause that is just tasteless in todays economy with people out of jobs and losing homes.That could pay for something like 86 2 bedroom apartments for one year.

Laughing at Idiots

Most of that shit is fake metals anyways....

talib kweli

these rappers drink champagne and toast death and pain like niggers on a slave ship arguing 'bout who got the flyest chains


sean kingston isn't a rapper.


Why is it that black people seem to feel the need to use the word "shit" every third word? Seriously, if you don't want to be treated like a stereotype, don't ACT like a stereotype.


I'm sure that Kingston wears it to point out that he's not the brighest crayon in the box.


HEEfugginLARRYUS...to quote an old line from Richard Bey



what is wrong with people?


Well They seem to be doing something right, cause we be talking about them. "You Judge your success on how many haters you have!"


you know what's pathetic about all of these pictures? every one of these "men" look like little boys trying to impress everyone with their "bling", when in reality, NOBODY cares anything about their "bling". it's all just a HUGE waste of money.


Some people have to buy big, flashy things to detract attention from their small, flaccid things.


good role models for kids. great....

Empress Eye

I love Verbal's chain... he he I'm so gaudy....and that ring he has?????... WHAT???? I am gonna get me a bedazzled one....I'm a baller on a budget.


so empress eye whats your going to say

Empress Eye

What Bob???


your ring what is it going to say

Empress Eye

Well Bob.... If that is really your name.... I must say ... I am quite fond of his "POW"... I would take it as is ;however; if I must be different... Maybe "BOOYAH"..... The POW is classic though...


Joc's chain and T-Pain's were made by ICEBOX custom jewelry



BOOYAH thats the best you can do . Who said BOOYAH. at least pow came from Batman

Empress Eye

My mama said BOOYAH..."Bob"....right in your kisser.... cause I'm gonna knock you out! Mama said knock you out! ...How do you like them apples? Juicy enough for ya??? You asked... Don't question my answer... Nuff' Said.. Overstand

Empress Eye



ok LL cool J. now NUFF SAID is good

Empress Eye

Soooo....I should have a ring that says "nuff said?"... So when I shush you... you get the seriousness? Touche'

U.S. Air Force Veteran

The whole idea of these brain-less Lemmings with no self image or self worth trying to..for lack of better terminology, trying to out idiot the next, has me worried that young black males, at least those attention whore types will never be taken seriously. Heal race relations? How about taking the camera away from these retards. Try not to look like a fuckin bafoon, you clown lookin', tastless, no priority havin', waste of space tools. This country is fucked! And yes..I intended to "dis" you..idiots..


What Bob???


Man what a kitch..


I thought most of those chains were funny - Bart, the cereal box, etc. At least those rappers showed some sense of humor. The author of this article, on the other hand, shows lack of braincells. "Why would a grown ass man ...." Perhaps because that man is intelligent enough to recognize the child inside him, and have fun ideas.

Jon Wood-Soju

I agree with the majority of this except VERBAL's chain. It's like, three colors on the piece itself, then red, white, and blue on the band to mimic a ribbon. The marathon runner piece in the middle is awesome too.

It's not ridiculous, it's just HOT.

Also, don't you ever diss any shades that VERBAL wears. They are the best of the best.


hey, verbal's chain is doop man
i see his chain's man is just your someone but for US that man is the one and only who does represent Mr. V and he also is a OSAKA's symbol at the same time!!!

hey verbal.
been a long time,
im not giving up yet
I'd like to do some doop and NEW thing with you one day
game is gonna NEED ME so soon


a lot of them chains probly ain't even paid for. And at least the ones that are can be sold when they go broke, so the jewelry's like an investment. Rich white folks buy up jewels, just not gawdy, popart shit like dat

Space Buddha Pimp

VERBAL's chain is HOT! The ribbon look, the Osaka marathon runner, and the big V behind it are great looking. You're just flat out hating on it, not to mention you tried dissing VERBAL on sunglasses! Are you kidding me? VERBAL is the EPHITAMY of hot sunglasses.

Your whole article just became null and void when you included VERBAL in it, fool.


shit would have been way funnier if it didn't try to rip on chains that are much funnier than the writing itself.


I think T-Pain's Big Ass Chain should be #1. That's just ridiculous.

Also anyone remember Akon's Africa chain? I think he auctioned it off though.


hahahah Agreed with steesalt. T-Pain should be number 1, it's so darn hilarious, "BIG ASS CHAIN" lol lol


no wonder ya were slaves....

james rotten

At least theyll have something to sell when these losers are in bankruptcy court.

nunya bizness

Great post and so true!! LOL

Don L

And not one crucifix in sight....sigh!


ROTFL!!!@Deeze Foolz, they need to grow up before it's too late! (mature grown-ass-men don't need that kind of attention to survive) Either they are in a in a state of "Arrested Development"...or... "Developmental Retardation"!


People who wear ridiculous chains do so because they can afford them. You're just jealous.



Everyone is so cool ☆:>


Everyone spends too much time worried about the next man, if that man can afford to throw his money away thats his poor decision, he doesn't owe it to you or me to play hero and spend the money he has earned on something you think is his moral obligation. It's kind of odd that more times than not the individual complaining about another man's possessions usually don't have much themselves. Would I make these purchases, no!! But is it my right to say they're wrong for spending money they've earned on something they want? NO!! sidenote: I attended the event where school boy was rockin that serious box, and I promise everybody was trying to figure out who was the cat with the cereal box on, including me and my folks!! but he wasn't even the person with the most rediculous chain at the S.E.A's that year. Another cat from memphis literally was wearing a spinning hubcap.

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