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August 09, 2011


hannah smith

er, jay already made a "coming of age 2"...


The Lyrics
What are you talking about? Kanyee was deep in "Murder to Excellence" and "No Church in The Wild"???? Did you really sit down and listen to what they were saying? Ye was spitting a lot of black empowerment on this album which really caught me by surprise. I was expecting some sort of futuristic type sounds and music. Instead they enlisted some "Old school" producers and sampled a lot of "Old school" music for this album.

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On the other hand, if you do see someone in a Dalton or A.J. Green jersey, shun them. The next WDR "project mayhem" should be to start a public campaign encouraging readers to ignor people wearing new Bengals gear, like a Green or Dalton jersey, for supporting the Brown family. Don't mock, ridicule, or chastise them - that will only alienate them and make us look like assholes. Just ignore them (they're homers anyway, that shouldn't be hard) and if you're asked why, politely explain that you don't associate with people who actively financially support the Brown familiy.

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This last year we demonstrated that we can keep 21 trees watered and in good health, even during a horrible drought. That has won us credibility with TreeFolks, and we think they will give us trees despite no fixed irrigation. The thing that will make or break the project is WATER. The number of trees we can plant is directly related to our watering plan, which will consist of volunteer watering and paying area students to water.

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