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February 21, 2012



Man you don't know about them island girls???

"That girl beat the shit out of that boy!!!"



This is a perfect example of what I call someone who is funny style. Someone who is a self-righteous, judgemental asshole. So you mean to tell me you dont have any mommy issues? No I bet you were one of those dorks in school that got picked on and that's why you decided to start a blog, so you could sit behind a screen and talk shit about people (not to their faces) since you probably never had the balls to do it anyway. And you even go as low as mocking Jesus.Wow. Talk about getting your mind right. If you are gonna sit on your high horse and do that, you should do your research, as any good writer does. So let me drop some knowledge on ya; before Jesus says anything about forgiveness he says when we judge others it's as if we are saying we have never made any mistakes of our own. This is not true for one person on this planet. So who are you to judge Rhianna,or anyone for that matter? Obviously, you have "low self-esteem" or you wouldn't be goin so hard on someone you don't even know and then questioning her integrity - what the hell have you done in your life that can even come close to Rhinna's sucess? How do you think she got where she is -she has made her fair share of mistakes in life but look where she is and look where you are. Who would you say is the stronger individual? That's what I thought...So you might wanna grab a towel,and quit sweatin it-you can't get on her level.

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