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January 09, 2013



Dude, I'm impressed. You got YN's dick so far down your throat and didn't choke on it.


@ghostofbenzino do you read posts or do you just skim through it?


I did READ. And it appears that you're endorsing the nepotistic nature of YN's career. Business? Sure. But YN calls himself a journalist. That's not 100% true. He does journalistic stuff but when you're paid to write feature articles and cover stories you're more of a publicist. Also RR is in the position to "push Hip-Hop culture forward" but instead he perpetuates the the degradation of the culture by posting "Hot 97 playlist music". But I understand you're mission... get on the Rap Radar blogroll or die trying.


@ghostofbenzino no, he isn't 100% a journalist. No one is 100% of something. Haven't they been part of taking Hot97 to task on their stance about NY artists?

Nicanor Trinidad

Good read but there are a few things I so disagree with. Business wise I do Understand why they advertise all over with certain brand, you pay you play is the name of this game. Whatever. However there is a time where things go from advertizing to just straight bias. And I think alot of people myself including can notice that easily. Are we wrong maybe maybe not. But when I see his (Wilson's) Pandering to Rick Ross I kinda of chuckle. B Dot's opinion on hip hop are very similar to mine so no beef there. But in all honesty sometimes they play them selves with the You Played Yourself comments ie. the Pacquio one smh... There are times where they champion all things MMG on basis of being the hot thing out.
Ok they put Macklemore and Killa Mike on that list. But part of the reason they are underrated is because sites like RapRadar and Radio stations DONT GIVE THEM THE ATTENTION. In lieu of MMG's GunPlay or something.

I dont hate on most the post as every "blog" essentially posts the same things. I do take issue with some of the editorial content and general arrogance of Wilson. Yea I get it you been around a long time cool. Thats not pass to make every one have to bow down to an exaggerated greatness based on longevity. Is he one of the best yes with out a doubt, do I think his XXL editorials where that great NO. Nothing will ever touch the Source in its early year that kind of Hip Hop journalism just doesnt exist. But let me not stray into an Elliot bashing session. All I say If you want to Champion for a culture dont turn a blind eye to 50% of it because the ad dollars arent there. and Hot for the moment doesnt mean its dope.


"Everyone" gets on Hot97 about their limited playlist. But how can you be "true" to a cause when you rarely support NY artists yourself? My point is YN is mostly a fraud... a hack writer spinning his wheels. His success is based on Interscopes willingness to "rent" XXL covers and features. Think for a second... if XXL and Interscope never partnered in such a way where would YN be right now? Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating, I'm just calling it like I see it.


@ghostofbenzino "My point is YN is mostly a fraud... a hack writer spinning his wheels." this is just so way off base...do you know how much shit this dude has accomplished in this game?

And yes, I do think YN would be where he is had Interscope and XXL not collaborated. He had done tons of shit before that and during it.


@nicanor I 100% agree with you on The Source (back in the day)

"Ok they put Macklemore and Killa Mike on that list. But part of the reason they are underrated is because sites like RapRadar and Radio stations DONT GIVE THEM THE ATTENTION."

Actually that's not true, they are one of the few spots TO give them attention...I didn't even give those guys attention

Nicanor Trinidad

@brokencool I heard of dude through 2dopeboyz I believe. What I mean by attention is if its so good post more of it. If its so underrated there is no reason Macklemore doesnt deserve as much attention as Gunplay others idk that how it seems. Maybe they will now. I dont think Macklemore or Killer Mike care tho their Lps did what they did really with out RR.

But lets be real I to an extent agree with the statement @ghostofbenzino about XXL. I honestly dont think Wilson would be as big a deal with out that XXL history with interscope. It kinda earned him the spot to get rap radar with Paul Rosenberg. I remember before rap radar he was just kinda silent and showing up on Itsdareal videos every now and then. Its kinda like its become the popular opinion to call him the greatest.


YN (and other bloggers) is in the position to change the course of Hip-Hop and expose artists who are dedicated to the art form. He doesn't do that but calls himself a "hip-Hop journalist". It's not right. He doesn't abide by journalistic ethics. His writing and reporting is usually biased. This makes him a "hack". A contributor the the status quo.

Leo Larkpor

HipHopzilla has everything posted by every blog anyway, in real-time. There is no reason to sweat one blog for what they post or don't post. Seeing the diversity of the culture through their content stream is pretty awesome.


Yawn. I already said the whole "it's a business first" thing in posts but hey you wrote a longer story than I did. Congrats

Rap Radar has the right to do anything they want & hip hop heads react the most there (like myself) because Rap Radar has a lot exclusive content.

However, there is an obligation to show respect to the culture of hip hop with an unbiased perspective. Is Rap Radar on MMG's payroll? I don't think so, but then who hosted MMG's press conference? I recall YN's retort as "I hustled, I called them and asked them for that. They didn't look for me" (I'm paraphrasing but that was the gist of it). "Hustling"? "Grind"?
You're standing on Paul Rosenberg's shoulders, you're not exactly a blogger trying to make a living off just your Alexa stats & ad revenue.

DJ Khaled, MMG are not the hottest in the game. They have their niche and god bless them for creating a space for themselves. HOWEVER, neither Khaled or MMG are a shadow cast over Hip Hop , giving and take light to this culture. They are juts one of many successful stories and not even the most successful, not even close.

Ultimately, YN's legacy will be the guy who made a name for himself via his EIC rants in XXL & his Twitter/Instagram feed constantly updating the going-ons* in hip hop via the social media world.

But seriously, unless a white grandmother in South Dakota knows your name (like Eminem, Jay Z) then you're not that a big deal and Khaled , MMG don't deserve as much space on that site as they get.

But hey, it makes for great laughs in the comments section
find me there
Lester Bangs of hip hop
Thanks for taking my sentiments and getting hits off them. Glad I could help


@P0is0nedKoolA I'm a bit confused by your argument. Are you mad RapRadar posts so much MMG, Khaled and Rick Ross content? I agree. They do go very heavy on that...but many other blogs don't. You could argue that I posts too much Rick Ross content but it's usually from a more negative point of view. The Internet is a free space in that if you don't like a blog/website, you don't have to go there. Many different flavors...like an ice cream shop.

@Leo Larkpor Agreed!

@GhostOfBenzino Your opinion is so slanted and one-sided...is this actually Benzino?

@Nicanor Trinidad YN has a history before XXL. But yeah, XXL definitely put him on a higher level...for sure.

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